Gears 5 Xbox One vs Xbox Series X: Which version is better, and should you wait to play Gears 5 Enhanced?

It's not just new games that you should be eyeing up when it comes to the Xbox Series X, oh no. In fact, you should really be considering a lot of the games you've been eyeing up right at this moment.

The backwards compatibility, and also forwards compatibility, means that it's well worth considering which games you might already own are worth playing on the next-gen.

You might, for example, be wondering if you should play Gears 5 on you Xbox One now, or if it would be better to wait for the Xbox Series X instead.

Well, here's what you need to know about that decision...

Should you get Gears 5 on Xbox Series X or Xbox One?

Yes. Look, ultimately it comes down to whether or not you want to buy the game now and play it, or if you'd rather wait to see the upgrades the Xbox Series X offers.

Either way, you'll have to buy the game to actually be able to play it. It'll be cheaper in a few months, so that's a plus, and the Xbox Series X should make the whole experience far smoother too.

However, you could always play it on both thanks to Smart Delivery. Better yet, you could always just play it on both thanks to Xbox Game Pass...

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What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is perhaps the best possible purchase of your adult life. That sounds hyperbolic, but it's also somewhat true.

For a monthly fee, you get access to an ever-growing library of games that you can download and play. This includes all Microsoft titles, which means it also includes Gears 5.

This means that you could, if you want to, play it now on Xbox One, then replay it again on Xbox Series X, just because you can. Don't let people tell you that you've gone drunk with power, just embrace it and live your best life.

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