Xbox Series X games will be revealed soon: Phil Spencer has "never been more excited about Xbox plans"

We've seen a lot of the upcoming Xbox Series X. We know all about the tech inside of it, the size of the absolute unit, and even the controller and the cool upgrades that it's getting for the next-gen.

Of course, it's natural to know a lot about a big tech release ahead of its arrival, so this is nothing new. However, this isn't just a tech release, it's a new console, and that means just showing off the thing itself isn't going to cut it, you need to have things to play on it too.

That's why it's kind of strange that we know so little about the Xbox Series X launch line-up. We know that Halo Infinite is rumoured to be a launch game, but we don't know any others apart from a handful of indie games and other rumours.

It's all rather intangible, and that's kind of frustrating. The good news though, is that this shouldn't last much longer, at least according to one very special tweet.

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Xbox Series X games announced soon

Finally, after many years (not many) of complete silence (not silence) we've heard from the main Phil, the one true Phil, Phil Spencer himself.

In a reply to a Twitter user regarding games news, he said: "Reviewed plans yesterday for continued sharing through launch. Team is doing great work and adapting. I've never been more excited about Xbox plans. We've heard you, you want transparency/authenticity. We plan to keep showing that way, next step is not too much of a wait (games)"

That sounds an awful lot like we'll be getting to see some games soon, and that's incredibly exciting because good lord do we need to know the games.

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Xbox Series X launch titles

We don't really know which games will be available at launch at the moment, and the number of games actually confirmed for the Xbox Series X at all is surprisingly small.

We should hear more about it in the next couple of months. As it stands, we've got a few ports from the current-gen, like Gears 5 and Rainbow Six Siege confirmed, as well as Halo Infinite, Outriders, and Orphan of the Machine.

It's interesting, but there's little there that screams "NEXT-GEN" at you as if trying to blow out your eardrums. Which is how all good game announcements go. Soon though, soon we should get a constant wave of news that'll bury us all until the end of the year. So that's fun.

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