Xbox Series X games: another new launch title confirmed for Xbox 2020

With the release window of the Xbox Series X creeping ever-closer, people are starting to ask, nay, demand what games will be available on release.

The braying hordes are ready to send angry tweets, emails, letters, and maybe even the odd fax, all to know what they'll be able to play on their shiny next-gen console.

It's chaos all over the place, but one developer has stood up and shouted at the top of their voices "Oi, here's a game".

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At least, that's what developer Dynamic Voltage seems to be saying as they flex their way into an announcement of the upcoming indie game, Orphan Of The Machine.

It's a game that has you swimming through the ocean as a dolphin, which sounds like an incredibly chilled out experience. (Maybe we could file it with Animal Crossing under 'games the world need rights now'?)

Maybe it's the kind of relaxing game that you want when you boot up a new console, just a way to enjoy the power of your new machine, something exciting.

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Dolphin battle mode engage

Wait, what, the dolphin can shoot missiles out of its mouth and open treasure chests?

Well, it looks like it's going to be a Metroidvania then, especially as the gameplay video has you learning a new ability from a pearl inside a giant clam. You know, just gaming things.

While Orphan Of The Machine might not be what you'd expect from a next-gen title, it does go to show that Microsoft still understands the importance of the humble indie title.

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Who knew this console would host missile-firing dolphins? NOT US!
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Who knew this console would host missile-firing dolphins? NOT US!

The weird and wonderful

It should mean there's a variety of games to come to the next-gen, which makes sense, but it's odd we'd see indie games heading up announcements like this.

Hopefully, there'll be a big surge of new and exciting weirdness from the indiesphere with games like this appearing all over the place.

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Who knows what kinds of things the new consoles could be capable of, and while the big games are often the technical powerhouses, it often takes a smaller title to show off some of the stranger interactions that the hardware can provide.

We're still a good half a year or so away from the launch of the Xbox Series X and PS5, and the list of officially announced games is very small, but at least we know we'll get to be a weird superpowered dolphin. That's all any of us can really ask for, isn't it?

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