Xbox Series S storage: How much free space will the console have, and how does that compare to Series X?

With an increasingly large number of people going digital and it being at least half of the next-gen, it's about time we all started thinking long and hard about storage.

This is especially true if you're thinking of getting a PS5 digital or the Xbox Series S.

When you think about the fact that Call of Duty no longer fits on a 250gb hard drive, you've really got to wonder about how the next-gen consoles are going to cope with even more triple-A games.

So, how much storage does the Xbox Series S have really?

How much storage does the Xbox Series S have?

Well, according to the specs, the Xbox Series S has 512GB of storage. However, despite the Xbox Series X having 1TB of storage, about a fifth of that is actually already spoken for thanks to the operating system.

We can expect it to be a little smaller because of different texture resolutions, but even if we halve that amount, that means you only get around 400GB of storage for your games.

That's not a huge amount, especially if you do want a beast like Call of Duty. So, how can you expect to have anything installed on your fancy new Xbox Series S?

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Is there anything you can do to improve that?

Well, the good news is that file sizes should be a lot smaller on the Xbox Series S as it won't be using the same texture packs. That means games should just take up less space, which should mean more games even though you've got a smaller amount to work with.

On top of that, it'll become far more common to only install the bits of the games you want. That means no multiplayer if you hate other people, or no singleplayer if you can't stomach being alone.

Plus, you can actually buy official Microsoft memory cards for the console and you can still use your current external HDDs and SDDs as well, so it's not all bad.

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