Xbox error code 0x80a40026 - how to fix the error and get back to gaming

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Xbox error code 0x80a40026 - how to fix the error and get back to gaming

If you are getting Xbox error code 0x80a40026 while trying to play a game, don't despair as we have a proven solution for you.

Is there anything better than sitting down on the sofa after a hard day, firing up your console and playing your worries away? Well, nothing really. But is there anything more frustrating than encountering Xbox errors such as 0x80190193 or 0x8b0500b6?

Unfortunately, all consoles every now and then seem to want to refuse the work, sometimes the error might be on our part, and other times it's just that the machine has given up the ghost and will have to be fixed.

But, in this case, there are a few simple fixes to try, so read on to find out how to address Xbox error code 0x80a40026.

How to fix Xbox error code 0x80a40026

There's an easy fix you can try that will save you hours of frustrating or trying to get in touch with Microsoft Support. You should check if you are using a child account or if your child is part of the family account you are using.

In the case that you are using a child account, you should:

  • Log out of the child account and into the parent account;
  • Get back into the game which was given you the error;
  • Only then you can select the right account to play.

Another thing to check is if your child is part of the family account you are using, in that case, you should do the following steps:

  • Via browser, access the account on the Xbox website;
  • Remove the child from the account;
  • Reinvite them later to the account so that everything should reset to the default.

This shouldn't cause the account to lose any save data, so you can proceed without a problem. If despite all these fixes, you are still having problems, you might want to contact Xbox Support.

What is Xbox error code 0x80a40026?

This error usually pops up when a child's account is trying to play a game which is age restricted or has potentially dangerous content.


It is related to parental control and age restrictions. Microsoft doesn't seem to provide much information on the error and the console will not give you any more details.

Luckily, as mentioned, by playing around with removing and, later, re-adding the account you should be able to swiftly fix it and get back to gaming.

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