Xbox abandons TV for good with OneGuide death

Microsoft's mistakes of the last generation are still being corrected. The 2013 reveal of the underwhelming Xbox One system was massively undermined by a focus on TV instead of gaming.

With this intention, Microsoft created a system that split the existing console fanbase. However, as the console platform suffered a tumultuous generation, Microsoft has started to turn things around.

The Xbox One X and Series consoles have focused entirely on gaming. Regardless, Microsoft isn't done atoning for their television sins. With that in mind, they've finally killed OneGuide TV.

What's happened to OneGuide TV?

Microsoft's OneGuide TV service was a feature that eliminated the need for you to directly interact with your cable box. The application allowed users to use any Cable TV channel they had access to directly on their Xbox One. Furthermore, an official Xbox USB tuner allowed access to free TV channels.

As of today, Microsoft is officially sunsetting live TV listings on the OneGuide app. While Xbox One console owners will still be able to use OneGuide for HDMI-in passthrough, its original purpose is gone.

Why has Microsoft removed OneGuide TV?

Microsoft is removing live TV functionality from their consoles based on customer feedback. As players primarily use their consoles for gaming, there's no need for Microsoft to continue supporting the feature.

“Based on customer usage and feedback, we’re constantly evolving the Xbox experience,” explained Xbox Experiences project manager Jonathan Hildebrandt. “To that end, beginning this May we’ll be sunsetting live TV listings for OneGuide on Xbox One.” 

With the vast majority of TV now being enjoyed through streaming services such as Netflix or Disney+, it makes sense for the console maker to redirect focus. As more streaming services pop up every few months, it's likely that this era of TV focus will disappear from consoles for good.

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