Yoda Stories on Game Boy and PC: Was this the WORST Star Wars game of all time?

The Star Wars galaxy is a vast and wonderful place. But as well as hosting some of the finest pop-culture moments in history, the franchise that George Lucas originated has also had its fair share of stinkers over the years.

I would argue that the least-enjoyable Star Wars experience I've had was with Yoda Stories, a Game Boy/PC game which really wound me up back in the day.

Developed and published by LucasArts, Star Wars: Yoda Stories launched in 1997 for Windows and 1999 for Game Boy. An adventure game where you play as a trainee Luke Skywalker, Yoda Stories sounds on paper like it could be fun. But let me tell you - it wasn't.

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Keep on reading and we'll dig into Yoda's Stories, and why it rubbed me up the wrong way...

Star Wars Yoda Stories Game Boy Color
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This is the version I had, and I remember being quite excited when I got it.

What was so bad about Yoda Stories?

"Yoda Stories is one of the technically lamest and structurally annoying Game Boy games ever developed, and not even the wildest Star Wars nut will want to play this game for more than two minutes." So reads the official IGN review, penned in 2000 by Craig Harris.

It's nice to know I'm not alone, but at the same time, there are corners of the internet where you can still find people saying positive things about Yoda Stories.

That's the same Yoda Stories which truly ground my gears as an entitled child (who mainly played Pokémon Blue at the time) and clearly took a battering from the likes of IGN.

Yoda Stories gbc Review - YouTube
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Graphics so bad they make [insert name of a Star Wars film you don't like here] look good.

What was actually so bad about Yoda Stories, you ask? Well, the graphics were terrible for one thing - generic sprites would teeter around dull landscapes, and the extent of the excitement you'd see was a slight wobble from your lightsaber.

The game didn't even have animations for enemies dying - you'd just wave your lightsaber near them and your foes would disappear off the map forever (and not in a 'they've become one with the Force' sort of way).

The uninspired story consisted of various missions that Yoda would send you on: each one of them involved chasing a few enemies around, waving your weapon in their general direction, and then trying to solve some rudimentary puzzles before you could move on. (Idle thought: perhaps Fallen Order was secretly a spiritual successor to Yoda Stories, what with the lightsaber skills and all the puzzles.)

The only thing I remember liking in the game was the audio: there was a Game Boy version of the iconic Star Wars theme tune, and the sound effects they'd borrowed from the films. Suffice it to say, though, the Force was not strong with Yoda Stories.

Has there been a worse Star Wars game?

Of course, that's a subjective question. But for me, Yoda Stories is definitely the worst Star Wars game I can remember playing for any meaningful amount of time.

It might have been a different Star Wars game that didn't sit right with you: for my good friend Daryl Baxter, for example, both Star Wars: Clone Wars on the Gamecube and Star Wars: Demolition on PS1 sprung to mind when I asked him for his least-favourite Star Wars games.

There are also some Star Wars games which had notoriously troubled launches. This is a different kind of badness, and perhaps one of these turbulent releases provided your own most-frustrating-moment in Star Wars gaming.

For example, in 2004, Obsidian received some flack for releasing Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords with unfinished plotlines and other missing content, while EA took a battering in 2017 for releasing Battlefront II with an absurd amount of cash-grabbing microtransactions.

For me, though, there has never been a Star Wars game quite as bad as Yoda Stories. Thinking about it again has been fun in its own way, but there's no chance I'm digging this one out for another playthrough!

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