Will there be a Mubi app on PS5, and how will players find the indie film streaming service?

The humble games console has evolved from being a machine that can only do one thing into a machine that can do an awful lot of things.

There are plenty of people who own a PS4 who use it for gaming far less than they use it for watching films or TV shows. It's just the nature of entertainment these days due to the huge array of apps and services available to us.

Because of this, there are a lot of people wondering about the quality of the apps coming to the next-gen, and specifically the PS5 in this case.

So, let's talk about Mubi on the PS5.

Is Mubi on PS5 confirmed or not?

While we've had a few confirmations thanks to the reveal of the PS5 Media Remote, Mubi isn't one of them.

That being said, we're hoping to see the app on the PS5 because of the wide array of interesting films it offers.

While a lot of different services do have plenty of films on them, only Mubi offers their unique style of multi-cultural and multinational films in one place.

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How will you get Mubi on PS5?

If Mubi is on the PS5 then you'll be able to download it in a couple of different ways.

The simplest, assuming this section still exists on the PS5, will be to head to your media section and select the app from there. This'll start it downloading and you won't have to deal with the PSN store at all, which is a blessing most of the time.

If that's not the case though, you should be able to go through the PSN store and either search for the app or go to the relevant section and select it to start it downloading.

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