Will Dead Space remake be on Steam Deck?

Will Dead Space remake be on Steam Deck?

Will Dead Space remake be on Steam Deck?

If you are looking forward to playing Dead Space remake on Steam Deck, we have some news that you might be interested in.

Dead Space, the highly-anticipated remake of the 2008 game of the same name, is set to hit the market on 27 January 2023. With us nearing that date, there’s a lot of speculation going around as to whether it will be available on Steam Deck.

In this article, we will explore the possibility of Dead Space remake being verified on Steam Deck. So, let's get right into it!

Will Dead Space remake be on Steam Deck?

So far, there has been no official announcement from the developer on whether the Dead Space remake will be Steam Deck verified. But that doesn't mean you will not be able to play on Valve’s portable console.

Unverified games like Destiny 2 and Valorant can be played on Steam Deck using Proton, and so too can Dead Space remake. It won't be as straightforward as playing out of the box, but the effort really pays off.

Since nobody has explicitly said that Dead Space remake is not coming to Steam Deck, there is hope that it will. The original Dead Space is Steam Deck verified and Dead Space 2 is also Playable, so the chances of the remake being Playable/Verified are high.

Dead Space remake Steam Deck pre-order

Hogwarts Legacy is coming on 27 Jan 2023 to Steam, and pre-orders are now open. If you pre-order, you’ll also receive Dead Space 2 when the remake launches.

Two editions of Dead Space remake will be available: the regular edition ($59.99), and a deluxe edition ($69.99) which includes the base game and 5 exclusive cosmetics (3 Unique Suits and 2 Suit Textures).

Since there is no confirmation on whether the Dead Space remake will be coming to Steam Deck, we would recommend you refrain from pre-purchasing the game - if you play games solely on Steam Deck.

In other Steam Deck news, WB Games confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will be on Steam Deck.

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