Dead Space Remake’s Isaac Clarke looks too much like Adam Sandler

dead space remake isaac clarke looks like adam sandler a comedy icon wearing space armor

dead space remake isaac clarke looks like adam sandler a comedy icon wearing space armor

After The Callisto Protocol failed to impress, many horror fans are hoping that EA’s Dead Space remake lives up to expectations. While previews have been impressed thus far, one thing that might lessen the horror is realizing that the new Isaac Clarke looks like Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler isn’t exactly what many gamers would think of when it comes to horror, unless you’re thinking about Grown Ups 2. Then again, after Sandler’s success in Uncut Gems, maybe we could see the actor become a Scream King in the future.

Obviously, none of this matters in the end, since most fans excited about the Dead Space remake care about the gameplay. Hopefully, it fares better than The Callisto Protocol did, especially now that EA seemingly cares about single-player games again.

Still, fans can’t help but notice how much this version of Isaac Clarke looks like Adam Sandler. Twitter user Rata-Pat-Pat compared an in-game image of Isaac to Sandler and the similarity between both characters is kind of uncanny.

There are some fans who’ve pointed out that it’s supposed to look like his voice actor, Gunner Wright. Although it’d not obvious at first, looking at him from different angles does make him look a bit like Sandler.

Isaac Clarke looked like a generic white protagonist before, so we aren’t sure if the comparison is an improvement. Thankfully, he was a pretty fleshed out character in Dead Space 2 and it seems they’ve implemented over his characterization in the remake. Plus, that helmet should block out the Sandler comparison after a while.

Adam Sandler isn’t exactly known for his video game fandom and this is despite starring in the video game movie Pixels, which was horrible. Occasionally, the man can still put in a good performance but that seemingly depends on the writer and director of the movie.

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EA’s Dead Space remake will be coming to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on January 27, 2023.

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