Why to trade in your PS4: It could cover the cost of a PS5 disc drive, some great PS5 games, or even some PS5 peripherals

With the PS5 prices and release date finally announced, a lot of people are going to be looking sadly at their PS4s wondering if it's worth holding onto it.

You've had some good times with your PS4, you've laughed, you've cried, it's tried turning into a jet engine and gaining sentience before attacking you and all your loved ones.

The life of your PS4 is coming to an end though, and you need to know if you should hold onto it for old times sake, or if you should trade it in to get some sweet credit.

Well, here's what you should consider about trading in your PS4.

Why you should trade in your PS4

Ultimately your PS4 can easily be converted into a bit of extra money towards your PS5.

That money is going to vary, but the extra bits you could get with it are well-worth saying goodbye to your friend for.

Obviously you could just put that credit towards your PS5, but you could also use it to splash out on some games or peripherals.

It's all based on how much you could get for your PS4 though, but we thought we'd break it down.

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What can you get for your PS4?

According to the Game website, you can get around £160 in credit for trading in your PS4. Now, assuming that there won't be any special offers once it comes out, what could you get for that amount?

Well, PS5 games are looking to be between £60 and £70, and that means you could get at least two games for your PS4.

You could also get any combination of peripherals too if you want. As it stands, the UK prices haven't been revealed, but the peripheral costs look like this:

  • DualSense: £59.99
  • Pulse 3D Headset: £89.99
  • PS5 HD Camera: £49.99
  • PS5 Remote: £24.99
  • PS5 DualSense charging station: £24.99

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