What's included with Xbox Series X? Do you get a controller or headset or anything with the console?

With the Xbox Series X arriving, it's about time we all started thinking long and hard about what we want from the box the big box comes in.

Do we want a small forklift to help us manoeuvre the monstrous fridge-like console into place?

Would it be better if it came with its own set of legs that you could remote control and use to move it around your house before they walk off on their on to have a nice stroll beside the seaside?

Or, do you just want to know how many controllers you'll be getting with the Xbox Series X? Well, no matter what, this is what we're expecting.

What comes with the Xbox Series X

Having received a retail unit of the Xbox Series X for our review of the console, we can confirm what comes in the box.

We know that the Xbox Series X comes with an HDMI cable, a power cable, one controller, and two AA batteries in the box.

You will NOT receive a headset or a USB cable with your console, so you'll have to provide those yourself if you want to use them.

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What else might you want to buy for Xbox Series X?

So, the above is very much what we're expecting to see in the box, but what else do you need to think about getting?

As well as making sure you have some spare batteries on standby for when those first two run out of juice, you might want to invest in an Xbox Game Pass subscription if you don't have one already.

There's a huge library of games on Game Pass, so it'll give you plenty to play on the new console! During the console set-up, you'll be asked to sign into your Xbox account, and you'll be given a chance to sign up to Game Pass if you haven't already.

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