Halo: The Master Chief Collection will run in 120 FPS with 4K upgrades on Xbox Series X

It’s hard to believe that the Master Chief Collection will have been out for six years next month. Debuting on the Xbox One with enhanced features for five Halo games, alongside enhanced textures for Halo 1 and 2, it’s been a collection that’s been highly praised.

Regardless of some matchmaking issues at the start, it’s a collection that’s always fun to go back to, and with its PC release last year, it has seen a variety of improvements to each instalment. Because of these, questions have been raised as to how the Xbox Series S/X will enhance the collection further.

We got our answer today with Microsoft announcing a plethora of features to the collection, all for free, as long as you already own the game.

With that, let’s go into the enhancements and when we will expect to play these on our new Xbox Series S/X consoles.

A Master Chief Series X Edition

As the Xbox Series S/X releases on November 10th, there’s going to be plenty of announcements as to what enhancements will be coming to existing games.

With Halo, there are a plethora of features coming, as the below tweet states.

A 4K resolution on the Series X is going to be very welcome for Halo, even with the earlier instalments like Halo 1. When you combine that with the 120 FPS in campaign and multiplayer, everything is going to be as smooth as running the collection on a high-spec PC.

As the tweet states, this update will apply to all owners of the Collection, regardless of owning it on Game Pass or on a disk; any Xbox Series S/S owner will reap the benefits here. As the PC version is yet to have Halo 4, Xbox owners will have these benefits on a Halo entry that PC players are yet to get, which only adds to the appeal here.

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When do the Enhancements Land

As Halo is a big jewel in the Xbox crown at Microsoft, it’s no surprise that this update is landing soon after the Series S/X launch, on November 17th.

But even then, the collection will still be playable on the day of the consoles’ launch, it will merely be a week’s wait to reap the 4K, 120 FPS benefits.

There’s no confirmation if Halo 5 is also going to see the same enhancements here; the instalment is seen as a somewhat of a black sheep in the series, but it’s multiplayer is highly praised.

But as we all wait for Halo Infinite to arrive next year, these enhancements will surely tide many over until the sixth entry arrives.

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