What is Call Of Duty memory error 13-71? Here's what the Modern Warfare Season 4 error message means, plus how to fix it and get on with your Warzone session

If you've seen "memory error 13-71" pop up when you've been trying to play Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare or Call Of Duty: Warzone, or download Season 4, fear not: it shouldn't take long to get your CoD session back on track!

There's no denying that playing Call Of Duty requires quite a bit of admin these days, with console players recently being given the power to delete the Modern Warfare campaign to make more room from the next big Warzone update.

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With that in mind, it can be totally infuriating if you see something like "memory error 13-71" when you just want to play Warzone - especially if you've already waited for a massive update to install!

So, if you've seen "memory error 13-71", this what you need to know...

What is memory error 13-71 on Call Of Duty?

As is often the case when a random error message starts appearing, actually trying to work out what this means is a bit of a minefield, and there isn't a really a clear answer to be found. One thing we do know is that is seems be hitting Xbox One players more than anyone else.

The Daily Star reports that memory error 13-71 could be triggered by players being added to Regiments. But that particular report also mentions that players with no Regiment activity going on are still being hit by it.

Basically, we don't know exactly what caused this error to start appearing, and it's hard to suggest things you can do to stop it happening to you. But if it does happen to you, the good news is that there are a few fixes to try.

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How to fix memory error 13-71 on Call Of Duty?

Right, then. There are a few things you can try to get rid of memory error 13-71 and continue your gameplay. We'll sum them up for you now.

Option 1: You could try creating a new GamerTag on your Xbox and logging into the game under this new identity. Once you're into the game, you should be able to press the Xbox button and switch back to your original GamerTag, then keep on playing.

Option 2: Press B when the error message comes up, and you should be able to enter the game offline. Then you could try disabling crossplay from the main menu, and backing out to the main menu again. Then try going to the Social menu and removing your Regiment. With the Regiment removed, turn crossplay back on, and see if you can get online.

Option 3: If neither of those other options works, you'll probably need to delete the game from your Xbox One. Once the game is gone from your hard drive, install the game again, and see if you can log in and play like normal. Fingers crossed, that should work!

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