How to save your progress in War Hospital

war hospital how to save

war hospital how to save

War Hospital is a game where every second you spend can sometimes feel like a lifetime due to the immense pressure and stress the moment-to-moment can bring. Perhaps you could fail an RNG check, or a whole new influx of patients you're not ready to deal with suddenly arrives. Regardless of the situation, having several saves in War Hospital helps a lot.

Saving is a pretty standard thing in modern video games, and you expect it to be implemented in a modern and intuitive way. But if you're not used to the hardcore campaign style of War Hospital, their approach to save files might surprise you a bit. So let's check how saves work in War Hospital.

Does War Hospital have auto-save?

War Hospital does not have any auto-save feature available at all. There is no way to enable autosaves for your War Hospital campaign, no matter how long you play. If you have a lengthy gaming session and then Alt+F4 the game without paying it too much mind, all your progress will be lost. This feels like a pretty major oversight and a quality-of-life degrade if it was intentional, as all modern games feature some sort of autosave that we've all become so accustomed to.

If you forgot to save your game, you'll have to go back to your last manually saved file. So, to prevent unnecessary frustrations in an already stressful game, you need to know how to keep save files ready to go.

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How to save in War Hospital

Luckily, the Save feature in War Hospital is pretty standard compared to their non-standard lack of an auto-save. There's a fairly intuitive save screen that you can access by opening the pause menu for the game. Open the save screen, pick a slot and save your current progress in a new slot or overwrite an existing one. Sadly, there's no way to name these save files to keep track of them. You can also delete these existing save files from this same menu.

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To load up a save, you can either open the Load menu and pick the one you want manually. Alternatively, if you click on Continue in the main menu you will automatically load up the latest save file from your list.

That's all you need to know about how to save in War Hospital. If you're looking for useful guides be sure to check out how to master the game's Morale system. Also, be sure to check out our thoughts in our War Hospital review.

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