War Hospital Morale system explained

war hospital promo art with torn medic jacket on barbed wire in front of hospital

war hospital promo art with torn medic jacket on barbed wire in front of hospital

War Hospital is a game about war, the struggle behind the front lines and the traumatic and dehumanising effects it can have for those witnessing all of it. While resource management is important in all aspects, there is one resource that has the utmost priority in this game. Today, we'll take a look at the Morale system in War Hospital.

Morale is a very important resource, and it will fluctuate several times throughout your run. It's crucial to understand how this is happening, as good or bad Morale can be the difference between a successful or failed War Hospital campaign. So today, we'll look at all the methods to raise Morale in War Hospital.

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What is Morale in War Hospital?

Morale refers to how motivated and energetic your Hospital Staff is. You can check it from the Moral meter in the middle of the bottom screen menu. If Morale falls to 0, the Staff will refuse to listen to your commands, and you'll get a Game Over screen. At low Morale, your staff will consume more energy and be less efficient with resources. On the other hand, high Morale ensures they work more efficiently and consume less energy.

How to keep Morale high

There are many different ways to slowly ramp up your Morale and prevent it from falling too low. Here are some best practices to keep Morale high.

Produce Nutritious Rations

Get the Stew Brewing Pots improvement from the Production improvement menu to unlock Nutritious Rations.

Nutritious Rations consume more Freight and require Alcohol, but they will steadily increase your Staff's Morale over time. You can get further upgrades for the Canteen to make the other food ration options more Morale efficient as well.

war hospital nutritious rations at canteen
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Don't let the staff get tired

Staff energy levels are directly correlated with the Morale. If you keep working your staff to the bone without letting them get the proper rest, they will eventually collapse and require a full 24 hours of recovery. Naturally, this will negatively affect their morale and their trust in you. Be sure to keep checking up on your staff's energy and shift them out whenever they get tired. As your staff levels up they'll also get skills and perks that help raise Morale.

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Release soldiers from duty

Releasing soldiers from duty at the Rehabilitation Center is one of the quickest ways to increase your Morale. At the Rehabilitation Center, you can choose to release a soldier from duty and add them to the hospital as a civilian rather than send them to the trenches or HQ and get a Morale increase based on their combat power. The percentage increase will range from 1% to 3%, depending on the soldier's Combat Power.

war hospital release soldiers from duty at rehab center
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Add dying soldiers to the Denied list

One of the factors that will hurt your Morale the most will be the deaths of patients at the hospital. Therefore you need to actively learn how to manage patients and put the ones you can't save into the Denied list. The staff accepts that these patients will die, and this hurts Morale less.

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Check random events

Lastly, keep an eye out for random events and popups on your screen. Sometimes, random events such as a drinking party or a staff level-up can provide a Morale boost to your team. Breakthroughs and simplifications through advanced surgical procedures also contribute to improving the staff's confidence and overall Morale.

war hospital staff level up and skills available
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That's all you need to know about the Morale system and some methods to increase it consistently. For more guides, learn how the shift system works and how the game handles saves.

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