How to get more Military Drafts in War Hospital

war hospital trenches raining machine gun background

war hospital trenches raining machine gun background

War Hospital is a survival strategy game where you need to ensure that your makeshift hospital in a small town near the frontlines of WWI manages to survive. You're responsible for the well-being of the injured soldiers and the staff against all sorts of mounting pressures. Therefore, it's necessary to get aid and upgrades through the use of Military Drafts.

War Hospital throws you into the middle of its high-pressure gameplay without clear guidance on how some of the systems are meant to be used. If your base is facing a bottleneck or a lack of resources, you need to fix this. At times, this is only possible if you manage to get more Military Drafts in War Hospital. Let's take a look at how these work and how to get a steady supply.

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What are Military Drafts?

Military Drafts are essentially notes that show that the military will pay for whatever costs you are about to incur. They're the primary currency that you will be using to make any sort of upgrades or purchases. The most common usage for Military Drafts you'll perform in the early game will be for the various building and facility upgrades and improvements. Higher-tier upgrades will require even more Military Drafts, or else you'll be bottlenecked by your current facilities and be unable to facilitate the ramping difficulty of the game.

The other use for Military Drafts involves ordering specific resources through the Train Station. You can order certain resources that you're unable to produce or lack in order to make it through a particularly tough situation. Military Drafts come in handy in this clutch situation, so it's always safe to have a few reserved for this. Now, all you need is a steady supply of Military Drafts and an understanding of how to maximise your gains.

How to get more Military Drafts in War Hospital?

There are two different methods of gaining Military Drafts in War Hospital, which require sending soldiers to HQ or completing requests.

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Send Soldiers to HQ

The first and most consistent method is to send your soldiers to HQ after you're done treating them. While it sounds simple, this process starts all the way back in the Casualty Clearance Station when you queue up soldiers to be treated. The higher the Combat Power of a soldier, the more Military Drafts they will yield once you send them to HQ. This is why you need to strategise and plan ahead whenever you're helping soldiers recover. Strike a balance between Military Drafts, Morale, and Trench Power.

Once you're able to figure out the pipeline from injured soldiers to Military Drafts, you'll be printing tons of them without any hassle.

war hospital send to HQ for war permits
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Complete HQ Requests

The second method depends a whole lot more on RNG, as you basically have to keep on the lookout for missions from HQ. In the early game, these are few and far between, but you can get lucky with them. Missions generally include sending a staff member over to perform a task for several hours. Rewards for these can include several resources, with Military Drafts and Staff Permits being two lucrative ones. If you're short on Military Drafts, always be on the lookout for points of interest that pop up around your base.

war hospital hq request for staff permits
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That's all you need to know about getting Military Drafts in War Hospital. Stock up on them and upgrade your hospital to save as many lives as possible and keep your staff fed. While you're here, also learn how to optimise patient assignments.

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