VIDEO: Epic VR breakdance battles are happening on VRChat

Virtual Reality is a great many things, and for those that can afford it, it's an excellent way to escape from the normality and tedium of our current existence.

Sometimes things happen that you don't expect in VR though, which is particularly impressive if you more or less expect everything to happen all the time thanks to the whole virtual thing.

Well, this time around we've got people showing off their real-life dance moves in a virtual setting.

Feast your eyes on all of this.

What if you did breakdance battles in VR?

This video was brought to our attention by the wonderful lot over at Road to VR.

They've brought to light this incredible subculture of breakdancers who are busting a move in VR, specifically in an app called VRChat.

For anybody that's ever worn a VR headset, this is even more impressive because it means they're not only doing all of this with a weight on their head, but with trackers on their arms and legs as well.

It's, honestly, kind of sickening how talented you must have to be to be able to do all of this. We'll probably just stick to looking awkward on the side of the digital dancefloor.

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What is VRChat?

VRChat is an app designed to allow people to socialise through the magic of VR and the internet.

You can choose an avatar for yourself and generally do whatever you want online.

It's a mixed experience for the most part, and you'll see an awful lot of anime women walking around who are inhabited by not anime women. Sometimes you'll see horrific things too because anonymity in online spaces is good for safety reasons, but bad because of how people then feel they can act.

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