Valve has multiple "games in development", Gabe Newell teases

Valve is mostly known as the company behind Steam rather than a company that makes games, at least not to anyone who doesn't play older games.

Despite that, they have a fairly impressive group of titles to their name with the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal, and the Half-Life series all under their belts.

In fact, a lot of people are clamouring for them to do a bit more game development to continue some of the most-beloved series.

Well, it looks like Valve isn't out of the business yet.

"We definitely have games in development"

As reported by PC Gamer, in an interview with 1 News Gabe Newell, the head of Valve, said that "We definitely have games in development that we're going to be announcing. It's fun to ship games, Alyx was great. To be back doing singleplayer games, that created a lot of momentum inside the company to do more of that."

That's good news specifically for those hoping for something new from the company, and hopefully not in VR next time so that more people can actually enjoy it.

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What games has Valve made?

This is more to keep in mind that Valve has actually put out a lot of titles dating back to the original Half-Life in 1998, which is likely older than some of our readers. Don't tell us that though, we already all feel old anyway.

  • Half-Life: 1998
  • Team Fortress Classic: 1999
  • Half-Life: Opposing Forces: 1999
  • Ricochet: 2000
  • Counter-Strike: 2000
  • Deathmatch Classic: 2001
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift: 2001
  • Day of Defeat: 2003
  • Counter-Strike Neo: 2003
  • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: 2004
  • Codename Gordon: 2004
  • Counter-Strike: Source: 2004
  • Half-Life: Source: 2004
  • Half-Life 2: 2004
  • Half-Life 2L Deathmatch: 2004
  • Day of Defeat: Source: 2004
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One: 2006
  • Garry's Mod: 2006
  • Half-Life 2: Survivor: 2006
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Two: 2007
  • Portal: 2007
  • Team Fortress 2: 2007
  • The Orange Box: 2007
  • Counter-Strike Online: 2008
  • Left 4 Dead: 2008
  • Left 4 Dead 2: 2009
  • Alien Swarm: 2010
  • Portal 2: 2011
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 2012
  • DOTA 2: 2013
  • Counter-Strike Online 2: 2013
  • Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies: 2014
  • Left 4 Dead: Survivors: 2014
  • The Lab: 2016
  • Artifact: 2018
  • DOTA Underlords: 2020
  • Half-Life: Alyx: 2020

Not all of those are games as such, but it's still an interesting catalogue.

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