Total War Warhammer 2 update stuck: How to fix slow download and speed up your Twisted and Twilight update

The Total War series is a game that many on the team play from week to week, bringing interesting takes on different eras and revolutions.

Developers ‘Creative Assembly’ released ‘Warhammer II’ in September of 2017, and since then there’s been plenty of updates that have been enjoyed by its fans.

While fans of the series wait for ‘Warhammer III’, a recent update to ’Warhammer II’ has been found to stick to a percentage to some users, rendering the game useless.

With that, here’s a couple of solutions to fix the slow download.

What’s the Issue?

This issue seems exclusive to Steam, when a download is showing in the client, and if its automatically downloading.

Once it begins, the download is fine until it reaches around 80%, and it suddenly stops.

Any effort to pause, resume doesn’t alleviate the issue, and as its mid-way through the download, the game can’t be played.

It renders the game and the update useless.

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How to Fix

Users have found a couple of methods to kickstart the update, although it does seem convoluted for its issues.

One solution is to uninstall the game completely, and re-download it. With this, it downloads the full game and the updates alongside it, past and present, so you have ‘Warhammer II’, ready to play.

Another is seeing if your hard drive is low on space. Steam is known to go slightly glitchy when the hard drive it’s installed on, reaches 15% space. If you move the game to another hard drive, the issue seems to resolve itself.

It looks to be more of an issue with the Steam client than the game, but it always helps to maintain your PC, just to make sure that there’s enough free space, and that the Steam client is at its latest version.

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