Total War Shogun 2 mods: The best mods and how to access them

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If you've been enjoying the Total War series but have yet to check out Total War: Shogun 2, then you're really missing out.

While the game is nine-years-old, it's still an excellent strategy game, and it's probably going to be your strategy game of choice if you like the setting.

It features all of the classic hallmarks of the series that you'd expect, and that means you're in for an incredible strategy game.

However, if you're hoping to change things up a bit for this classic game, then you'll need the best Total War: Shoguns 2 mods, and that's what we have here.


Best Total War: Shogun 2 mods

There is a staggeringly large number of mods out there for this game, and despite it being rather old, it still gets new ones here and there.

All of these mods should mostly work together, but make sure you always keep save states handy just in case.

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How to install Total War: Shogun 2 mods

With the ones on Steam, it's incredibly easy to install them. All you need to do is go to the Workshop section (or use the links above) and then hit Subscribe on the mods you want.

You may then have to activate them in-game, but they should all explain how these things work.

The other mods also have their own installation methods, but if you just read along you'll be able to follow the instructions with ease.

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