The UK Government wants YOUR help understanding loot boxes

Loot boxes are one of the most controversial parts of gaming.

That's probably because a lot of them have been designed to make them addictive, it's like opening a pack of cards or scratching an itch.

There are also issues with the way that they're marketed and how easy it is to buy them. Well, the UK government wants to know if they should be doing more to regulate this whole thing.

Better yet, they want you to let them know.

You can help the government

So, the government has put up a page asking for evidence about the impact of loot boxes in video games.

The call says "On 8 June 2020 the government’s response to the DCMS Select Committee Immersive and Addictive Technologies Inquiry announced that the government will launch a call for evidence to gather evidence and understand the impact of loot boxes. This followed a commitment made by the government to review the Gambling Act 2005 with a particular focus on tackling issues around online loot boxes."

They basically want to know about how people feel about them from both a business and consumer perspective. If you want to get involved, you just have to head to the website and click Respond online.

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Are loot boxes all bad?

Loot boxes are more or less all bad. At least, the ones that aren't honest are.

Obviously, cosmetic only boxes aren't as heinous as the ones that basically help you improve at a game, but it's not ideal either way.

They also give some games a bad reputation and can often be implemented by publishers instead of game designers, which can give games a bad name even if the developers might not have wanted them.

Ultimately though, they work, and that's the biggest issue. If you can target someone who doesn't realise how much money they're spending, then maybe the whole thing should be scrapped.

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