The Medium's end credits ask for player reviews: Why has Xbox done this?

The next-gen of gaming is here for some of us, and those with new consoles are finding all kinds of fancy features to play around with.

Not every new feature is going to be solely of use to gamers, and others allow developers to get better feedback among other things.

One of the more surprising revelations comes at the end of a new game called The Medium.

Here's what you need to know.

The Medium asks you to review it

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, The Medium ends by asking you to review it.

"The Medium is our biggest and most ambitious game that we have made so far. It’s a close and personal project that was years in the making. We poured our souls into it and we’ve made a lot of great memories during the development. However, as great as it is to make games, we do what we love with one person in mind – and that’s you. Your thoughts mean a lot to us, and they make us better developers. This is why we would love to hear your impression of The Medium."

That's going to be a big surprise for anybody who doesn't play mobile games (everyone plays mobile games), but it's actually a good way of getting engagement.

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Why does it do this

In short, reviews help discoverability on a lot of digital storefronts, and positive reviews help even more.

It's also highly likely that those who see the game all the way to the end are the ones who enjoy the game, and plonking this at the end of the game helps to boost the average review score.

That's not a guarantee, of course, just an assumption based on the fact that most people won't want to spend time playing a game they don't enjoy.

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