The Last of Us 2 download size: How big is The Last of Us Part II on PS4 and how can you make space for it?

So I'm not sure anyone else has mentioned this, but there's a little indie game called The Last of Us Part IIout on PS4 today. It's meant to be decent. One of the big questions on your mind might be how big The Last of Us 2 download size is, so we're here with all the info and advice to make sure you've got space for it.

Storage space on PS4 has been more and more of a problem recently, with the humble 500 GB hard drive of the base model struggling to keep up with growing demands from game publishers.

Read on for all the details on The Last of Us 2 file size, our advice on making space for the game, and how you can expand your PS4's storage capability.

How big is The Last of Us 2 download size?

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On the PlayStation Store, The Last of Us Part II is shown as taking up 93.37 GB. If you have a 500 GB model, that's almost a fifth of your entire hard drive space. Wow.

Once the game is installed fully, it'll take up just under 80 GB of space though, you just need nearly 100 GB to download and install all the content.

That's not exactly surprising or controversial, though. The Last of Us 2 download size has to be massive, because it's an incredibly detailed game released toward the end of the PS4's lifecycle. You'd expect nothing less.

But with games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and maybe even The Last of Us Remastered from your recent repeat play-through likely clogging up your console, space is definitely at a premium.

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How to make space for The Last of Us 2

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Find something to do while you wait for the download.

Obviously, the first piece of advice is to delete any games you no longer play. Open the function/settings menu and scroll all the way along to Settings. Head down to Storage and open System Storage. Now go into the Applications folder and you'll see every game and piece of software installed on your PS4 console.

Sort everything by size and delete the biggest hoggers on there, or another useful thing to do is sort by recently used and go from the bottom up. You might be surprised how many things you still have installed! You might also be surprised how big some games are (13 GB for Farming Simulator!?).

Next, head down to Capture Gallery and Saved Data in the System Storage menu. You don't need all those random screenshots and video clips you've already shared on Facebook anymore, do you? Purge 'em. Saved data, too, can take up around 10 GB of data for games you no longer play. Get rid.

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How to get more storage space on your PS4

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If you really can't be bothered to delete all the extra stuff on your console, or you just can't make space because you play COD and GTA regularly, you need to expand your console's storage.

There are plenty of hard drives we recommend for the PS4. You can't go wrong with Seagate, who also have some PS4-branded hard drives to match your console. We've put the best current prices below:

BUY NOW: Seagate 1 TB external hard drive at Currys PC World - £44.99

BUY NOW: PS4-branded Seagate 2 TB hard drive at Amazon - £69.99

BUY NOW: PS4-branded Seagate 4 TB hard drive at Amazon - £97.68

Once you've got your hard drive, check out our guide on how to install the new space on your console. It's really easy, and in no time at all you'll be downloading and hoarding to your heart's content!

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