Best Subnautica mods

Subnautica monsters underwater and above surface
Credit: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Subnautica monsters underwater and above surface
Credit: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Subnautica is a game of wonders and underwater adventures. This survival title has amassed a steady fan following thanks to its dazzling graphics, open-world survival gameplay, and a variety of farming to progress your quests. And this is where you need the best Subnautica mods to make your game better.

Now, you might want to add some spice to your gameplay and want more flexibility in farming, crafting, and adventures within the Subnautica universe. Thankfully, the modding community doesn't keep us waiting and wanting.

So, we have compiled a list of the best Subnautica mods out there that can amp up your gameplay with better graphics, quicker farming tactics, and more! Let's check them out:

1. SnapBuilder

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Credit: Nexus Mods
SnapBuilder Subnautica Mods

If customising your base and interiors is your favourite in-game pastime, then SnapBuilder has you covered. This mod is particularly a treat for those who crave symmetry in their in-game interior decors.

While building your base underwater in Subnautca, you might find the asymmetrical dimensions jarring. Thanks to SnapBuilder's snap-to-grid ability, you can align your pod's object placement perfectly to decorate your base.

But wait! This mod has more in store, such as the ability to toggle:

  • Rotation snapping
  • Fine snapping
  • Snap range extension

SnapBuilder works with a few conditions. For starters, you need to install and use Thunderstone Mod Manager to activate this mod. Next, before installing the mod, click on the "Install with Mod Manager" button.

Using SnapBuilder also means you have to run the game using Thunderstone Mod Manager. The default keybindings are easy to follow and will make your play through more efficient, especially with:

  • Middle mouse key: freehand placement and toggle snap-to-grid
  • Left ALT: Toggle fine rotation snapping
  • Left CTRL: Toggle fine grid snapping

If this is your first time modding Subnautica, you can always ask for help from the Subnautica Modding Discord server.

These features from SnapBuilder enhance the base-building experience in Subnautica, making a simple task feel more rewarding! Click here to download the mod today.

2. EasyCraft

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Subnautica mods EasyCraft

Subnautica is inherently a survival game. This means you need to craft objects to keep yourself afloat within such depths of underwater. Thankfully, it does not have to be a tedious task.

With the EasyCraft mod, you can craft your items instantly. One of the drawbacks of this open-world survival game is that earning a blueprint equates to unlocking the crafting capabilities of the said object. Which means crafting is an extra step.

But thanks to EasyCraft mod, you can instantly craft objects right when you receive its blueprint. There is no need to take an extra step and build your necessities to live another day.

So how does this work? EasyCraft tweaks the game to automatically move resources from nearby storage units within the base or the Cyclops. Hence, you are always ready to build the blueprint items without the extra ability unlocking step.

The EasyCraft mod's modes are:

  • Inrange: Can reach 100m range from the base or the Cyclops
  • Inside: Takes ingredients only from the base or the Cyclops
  • AutoCraft: You can make the missing ingredients at the cost of energy and materials.

Since this mod streamlines the crafting process so efficiently, you can play casually and let the game handle your storage units.

Visit Nexusmods to get the EasyCraft mod today!

3. Resource Monitor

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Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun
Subnautica mods Resource Monitor

As stated above, Subnautica is full of resources. These include:

  • Resources to survive
  • Resources to build more resources

Naturally, it's hectic to keep track of everything you have around you at all times. But worry not, as the Resource Monitor mod is the perfect tool to declutter your system and keep you well-informed about your items.

The mod gives you a quick look at every resource you own, its amount, and its location. For this, the mod will offer you an option between a large or a small Resource Monitor that shows all your in-game object locations.

The monitor also lets you take resources from your lockers without tracking them, making it a quick and easy task. Click here to download the Resource Monitor mod and enjoy a stress-free Subnautica gaming experience!

4. White Lights

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Credit: Randalmcdaniel on YouTube
Subnautica mods White Light

The murky depths of the underwater experience in Subnautica are often dark and barely visible. But that's something we can expect in an open-world survival game. However, the dim lights emitted from your Cyclops, Prawnsuit, and the Seamoth might not be feasible, especially if you travel into darker regions.

But no more worrying about this, as with the White Lights mod by Randyknapp, you can make your surroundings flashy and bright in no time! But it doesn't end there. White Lights mod also offers other light schemes to make the game more thematic. For example, if you want a creepy playthrough underwater, change the light to green and watch your surroundings feel more eerie than usual.

To change colours, all you have to do is:

  • Got to your QMods/WhiteLights/Assets/ folder
  • Open config.json
  • Choose the colour you want for your gameplay lights
  • Save the folder
  • Watch the colour change and magnify the visuals in-game

Similarly, if you want to create a hazardous underwater theme, yellow and orange might do the trick. This mod is no short of a useful aesthetic addition to Subnautica. Not only does it change the visuals of the game, but also makes the gameplay more efficient overall.

Are you excited about the prospects of this fantastic mod? Then click here to download today!

5. Defabricator

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Credit: Nexus Mods
Best Subnautica mods Defabricator

We all make mistakes, especially in video games. Let's say you accidentally misclick and craft something you didn't want. Worse, the recipe used up an ingredient you've been saving up to make something else.

As shuddering as it's to imagine, it's reversible with the Defabricator mod. This mod can rectify your crafting error and deconstruct an item you didn't mean to craft. The best part is that the Defabricator recycles all the ingredients from your mis-crafted item! What's more, these items go back into your inventory, saving you the trouble of farming for them all over again.

The mod also has other benefits, like deconstructing an object you don't need anymore and recycling its materials for something new. This saves you from farming fatigue and returns the fruits of your labour.

The Defabricator is a handy mod that revolutionizes how you play the game and hours you spend on farming. Similar to the White Lights mod, once you install this, you can no longer play the regular default version without its benefits!

The mod is available for all at Nexusmods and comes with instructions. Download it today, and play Subnautica like never before.

In short, these are some of the best Subnautica mods to try out if you want to change up your gameplay tactics and add more to the game. Check them out today and make your game more immersive than ever before!

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