You can use Xbox Game Pass on LG TVs without a console

Xbox Game Pass on an LG TV without a console

Xbox Game Pass on an LG TV without a console

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass offers hundreds of games on Xbox consoles and PC, as well as through a cloud gaming service. Unfortunately, on SmartTVs, that service is only available on 2021 or newer Samsung displays, but it turns out that LG TVs can also take advantage of this service.

Revealed by Game Pass Tracker on Twitter, getting Xbox Game Pass on LG TVs is not as hard as it may sound. However, it is still a bit of a pain compared to simply downloading an app on Samsung displays.

While the addition of Xbox Game Pass on LG TVs has not been advertised at all, it turns out you can access the service simply by using the display’s built-in browser.

Just like using Xbox Game Pass on iOS, you just need to navigate to this specific webpage and sign-in. Using your TV’s Bluetooth setting or a USB cable, you’ll also be connect an Xbox Series controller to control games on your TV. It’s really that easy!

As discussed by Game Pass Tracker, some older TVs may experience significant input lag, but that can be circumvented by adjusting settings inside your TVs Bluetooth settings. Furthermore, a wired connection with your controller will massively reduce input lag.

Microsoft’s Game Pass cloud streaming service is massively popular on mobile, and will help to bring massive current-gen games such as Starfield to older Xbox consoles. While games will remain exclusive to Xbox hardware, anyone will be able to play them on their PC, phone or even TV over the cloud.

Furthermore, if your TV doesn’t support web apps or Bluetooth controllers, you can also use an Amazon Fire Stick to use the service on any TV with a HDMI port. There are numerous ways to access the service.

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