Sit in Style with the ANDASEAT T-PRO 2 Gaming Chair, newly announced

Working from home is something we've all almost become accustom to in the last year.

Our gaming PC's have become workstations of Google Docks and Office 365, just so we can have time to ourselves to get that specific report completed.

However, sitting on a certain chair also needs to bring its benefits, especially for posture and the muscles you use when sitting down, which is where 'ANDASEAT' have come in, with the second version of their flagship chair.

With that, here's what the new version entails, and the cost.


Its ergonomics has been the primary goal from 'ANDASEAT', making sure that posture is attended to with its headrest pillow and 360-degree swivel.

In their press release, they also spoke of the chair featuring a "...Super king size and able to hold a maximum height load of 210cm and a weight load of more than 441lbs. Featuring a high-back ergonomic design, it is made from luxurious linen fabric to make for a premium gaming chair. Padded with 60Kg/M3 density foam padding, the high-density mould shaping materials are integrated with no cut, 100,000 times press and rebound to provide true ergonomic support and ultimate comfort for long gaming sessions.."

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The price for the T-PRO 2 retails at £399 on Amazon UK, alongside their U.S. AndaSeat website for $449.99.

For a chair that's inevitably going to get its use during these times, you need something that will be reliable but also take your posture into consideration.

For a price of £399, it looks as though this chair covers the bases.

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