Rokid Vision 2 mixed reality glasses are “equivalent to viewing a 120-inch TV that is 4 meters away”

While virtual reality is fun and all, it's also still something of an emerging tech.

It's not just VR either, as you've got AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality) as well.

They all offer a slightly different experience, but more often than not allow for a very similar effect when used for gaming.

Well, there's a new MR headset on the block, and it's another one from Rokid.

Check out the Rokid Vision 2 headset

The Rokid Vision 2 is a lightweight headset that looks a lot like a pair of fancy glasses. They'll provide a forty-degree field of view which will be the equivalent to a 120-inch TV from 4 meters away.

Needless to say, that's a kind of absurd, and the device also comes with in-built speakers and dual microphones too. This makes the Rokid Vision 2 a pretty exciting prospect for anybody keen to get into it, and it can connect to phones, tablets, or laptops too and works with 4G and 5G too.

While there are no real details on things like cost and whatnot just yet, but we'll keep you updated with the details as they come in.

Take a look here...

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What is the difference between virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality?

While there are lots of technical differences, it's easier to keep things simple most of the time.

So, Augmented Reality uses digital methods and imposes them on the real world, the best example of this is Pokemon Go.

Mixed Reality uses a mix between both AR and VR to create something similar to both, but not quite the same.

Virtual Reality uses a digital headset to offer you a new reality to get lost in. Of course, it's only the visual and audio elements for the time being, but we can all dream of fully immersive games in the future.

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