Razer reveals Wolverine V2 controller for Xbox Series X/S: Specs, features, price, release date

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With the Xbox Series X and S out in the wild now players are getting a chance to indulge in the next-gen experience.

That means lots of improved games to jump into and new peripherals to play around with.

Controllers are seeing a huge boon too, thanks to all of the powerful technology that you can lock inside of them.

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One such controller is the new Wolverine V2 from Razer for the new Xbox consoles. Here's everything you need to know about them.

Wolverine V2 specs

The Wolverine V2 features Mecha-Tactile Action BUttons which allows for far better feedback from each button press.

It also features extra buttons and the ability to remap them to allow you to personalise your experience however you want and have the ultimate control over your games.

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Wolverine V2 features

The Wolverine V2 features a Hair-Trigger mode that allows you to make your triggers more effective if you're not interested in subtlety.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the stick to further customise the way you're playing. This is great for games where your reaction speed is of the utmost importance.

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Wolverine V2 release date

If this all sounds good to you then you'll be happy to know that it released on November 19th, which means you can already go ahead and order one.

If you're also wondering how much it's going to cost, then good news.

BUY NOW:You can order the Wolverine V2 here

Wolverine V2 price

The price of the Wolverine V2 is £99.99, which is a lot for a standard controller, but this isn't just a standard controller.

This may well be the control upgrade you've been waiting for, and it's really not all that expensive for everything you're getting with it.

You can buy it from the Razer website at this link.

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