PSP 5G rumours: Will Sony release a new handheld console to go with the PS5?

The handheld market is less of a market and more of a monopoly as Nintendo continues to rule the roost with the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, gaming in a mobile form is a little different to how it used to be thanks to the power of the phones we can now play games on.

That's not all either, phones can now stream games via services like xCloud too, which means that while there's only one handheld console, you can actually game while looking at your hands in lots of ways.

Well, there are rumours that Sony may be considering re-entering the battlefield.

What is the PSP 5G?

The first mention of the PSP 5G actually came back in 2018, but we've not heard anything about it or even anything that could be linked to it until recently. It would basically just be Sony's next handheld console.

Well, a patent from Sony has revealed that they're working on machines with multiple GPUs, which could mean a huge power boost for a PS5 Pro, but they're also looking into cloud gaming.

It also mentions the possibility of both high-end and low-end skews of gaming consoles as well as cloud-optimized gaming.

This could allude to a new handheld potentially, or it could also be that Sony is looking at doing their own streaming service similar to xCloud given that they're already in the mobile market.

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How likely is the PSP 5G?

While the potential is certainly there, there's really been no indication that Sony is looking at this.

We're currently writing it all off as a rumour, but the patent itself here is very interesting and could mean that Sony is already looking at mid-gen consoles despite having just released the PS5, or even their own cloud gaming platform, both of which could be huge.

We'll have to wait and see to know for sure though.

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