PS5 visual output: Will you need a 4K TV for PS5, or will HDMI connection into a 1080p HD TV be enough for the PlayStation 5?

If you’re wondering whether a 4K TV is essential to enjoying a PS5, here’s everything you need to know.

by Jason Coles
PS5 visual output do you need 4k for ps5 will my playstation 5 work on 1080p

The PS5 is a monstrously powerful console, the kind of thing that used to be reserved for the highest-end PCs, not a home console.

As such, it comes equipped with a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive and will be able to do 4K with a vast array of other visual flourishes that help games look better than they ever have.

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It’s the kind of thing that sounds like a dream come true. You can be whisked away on clouds of fluffy visuals, drenched in fantastic-looking rain, and cook in-game food that looks so good you can almost taste it. Then you realise you don’t have a 4K TV.

So, will you need a 4K TV for PS5, or will your old CRT be good enough?


Will I need a 4K TV for PS5?

Obviously, the CRT won’t be able to handle the PS5, so, don’t use that. The good news is that you won’t need a 4K TV to use a PS5 – the chances are your current TV will do just fine.

The main thing to look out for is the HDMI connection. The Xbox One uses the HDMI2.1, and while Sony hasn’t said what they’ll be using, it would be odd for it not to be something similar.

Now, TVs that have HDMI 2.1 are still very high-end, so that would be a cause for concern were it not for the backwards compatibility of the technology. As long as your TV has an HDMI 2.0b connection, then it should be fine for PS5.

If you’ve got a Full HD TV with 1080p resolution, and somewhere to stick a HDMI cable, we imagine you’ll be just fine and don’t need to upgrade. But you won’t be seeing the graphics in their full glory!

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Should I get a 4K TV for PS5?

This is the bigger question, and the answer is entirely down to your circumstances. You’ll be able to notice a visual improvement whether on a 2.0b or a 2.1 connection, so you’re always going to see some impressive changes.

To fully enjoy the power of the PS5 you’d need a 4K TV, but the difference is only going to be visual, so it’s not an essential purchase. If you feel like splashing out and you can afford then go for it, but don’t feel like you need to at all. We’ve got a rundown of the best TVs to buy for PS5 right here, if you are tempted to upgrade.

It might be worth waiting for 8K if you really want to see the difference. But yeah, don’t expect the PS5 to take a SCART lead, but otherwise, you should be fine if you have a relatively modern telly.

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Jason Coles