Is the Nintendo Switch 4K? Can the Nintendo Switch play 4K games, plus best Nintendo Switch 4K TV settings

With the long rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro appearing ever more likely, there are plenty of rumours that the new console will be capable of 4K gaming. But what about the current Nintendo Switch? Is the existing console capable of playing 4K games? We'll take a look to provide a definitive answer to this, as well as examining the best settings on your 4K telly for playing your Nintendo Switch.

Can the Nintendo Switch play 4K games?

While your Nintendo Switch is compatible with a 4K telly, the console itself does not output 4K natively. The Switch outputs games at a maximum of 1080p - 4 times less detail than in 4K. As a result, the majority of content made for the device will not be made to run in 4K. There are rumours that Nintendo has already started asking developers to prepare new games to be 4K ready. If true, it is unclear as to whether these are titles that are being prepared for the current generation of the Switch, or a new, upcoming console.

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We know the current Nintendo Switch cannot play 4K games natively. But what can you do to make your games look as good as possible on your 4K television? Let's have a look at the options.

Best settings for Nintendo Switch on a 4K TV

Because the Switch can't output in native 4K, the picture will almost always look a little fuzzy. This is because the television will try to upscale the image from 1080p to full 4K. Ironically, turning up the sharpness on a 4k telly can actually make things look worse. Sharpness is designed to create contrast between light and dark. But this creates a halo effect around objects. This then makes things look more blurred. So turning down the sharpness may actually be the best option. It's also worth putting the television into game mode, to optimise the frame rate and reduce latency issues.

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Ultimately, it's worth playing around with your television settings to find the ideal settings for you. But these tips are a good starting point, to try to get the best possible settings for your Nintendo Switch on a 4K TV.

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