PS5 spoilers like The Last Of Us 2 leak will be protected by a new Sony patent for PlayStation 5

A lot of people had The Last of Us Part 2 spoiled for them over the last few days, due to an apparent leak, and it sounds like Sony is action to stop PS5 spoilers from leaking in future.

Sony always seems to be filing a patent about something or other, with a PS5 robot companion being teased by a legal document recently.

The latest Sony patent relates directly to game spoilers, though, and it sounds like it could protect some PS5 gamers from having plot details spoiled for them in future.

Read on to find out more about this latest patent from Sony, and what it could mean for game spoilers going forward...

PS5 spoiler patent

According to Inverse, Sony successfully filed a patent application for a spoiler-blocking program last week.

This looks to be a PS5 feature that is designed to track where you are in any given game by using items, plot points, and quests.

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This feature can then block out any information online that comes from further on in the game, but only if you're browsing the internet on the console itself.

This is undoubtedly very clever, but without being able to link it to other forms of browsing - say on your phone or PC - it's hard to imagine it totally stopping the spread of spoilers.

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What would make this feature more useful?

The only way that it could be more useful is if the PS5 will have a more robust and easier to use browser than what we've seen previously on consoles.

Performance is obviously a big part of what makes an internet browser effective, but on consoles, you really need a decent interface too.

The biggest issue is probably the lack of keyboard, because while the soft keyboard offered on PS4 is fine for typing "lol" or "gg" or expletives about our mothers, it's not very effective for anything else.

So, you'd really need to be able to type using your phone or something to make it worth using. That's not an unreasonable expectation, of course, but we've not seen any confirmation that it'll be the case as of yet. Maybe we'll see another patent for that soon?

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