How PS5 scalpers use sneaky tricks to buy consoles before you can

You'll likely be aware of the fact that it's incredibly hard to get a PS5 or an Xbox Series X at the moment. You can keep an eye on things thanks to dedicated Twitter accounts, but it's not easy.

Even if it weren't for the natural stock shortages, you've then got al of ther issues created by people buying loads of them in bulk and then selling them off for a huge profit.

These people are preying on those who want to simply buy something nice, and they're called scalpers.

Here's the latest exploit they're using.

How scalpers are using exploits to get stock before you

As reported by IGN, "Multiple sources (who wished to remain anonymous) have confirmed to IGN that this is in part because individuals were able to order PS5 consoles from Argos on January 25, a full day before the aforementioned official stock drop. This was down to a loophole discovered by scalping group Express Notify, a paid-for Discord server that shared links allowing users to buy the PS5 before the general public even knew about the new stock."

This whole thing is absolutely abhorrent.

While it's far from the worst thing going on at the moment, it's still a huge issue that needs to be stamped out as soon as possible.

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Should you ever buy from a scalper?


Scalpers are preying on people/s desperation for one of the new consoles, or whatever else they're flogging, to make a huge profit off of people.

Buying from a scalper means you're paying substantially more than a product is worth, and they're literally just making money from having money and time to kill or invest in bots.

It's a disgusting practice, and the sooner we leave these people with stock they can't sell the better, because they don't deserve to make money from this way of life.

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