PS5 Remote Play app on PS4: What can it do, and how do you use it?

The PS5 is out in a couple of days in some places and next week for the rest of us.

No matter which of these two categories you fall into though, you will have probably noticed a new icon on your PS4.

The app is called PS5 Remote Play, and while you can probably guess what it does from the name, you might not know how to use it.

So, here's what you need to know to use the PS5 Remote Play app on PS4.

How to use the PS5 Remote Play App on PS4

Befre you do anything else you'll need to actually enable Remote Play on your PS5. You can do this by:

  • Going to Settings
  • Selecting System
  • Selecting Remote Play
  • Turning on Enable Remote Play

Once you've done that you'll need to load up the app itself.

It'll actually talk you through everything as you go, and we haven't been able to use it yet, but this is what we know for sure.

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What does the PS5 Remote Play App do?

This app effectively allows you to connect to your PS5 and even control it from afar.

This could be incredibly useful if you've got a PS4 in one room and a PS5 in the other. It sort of lets you use the PS4 as a PS5, which makes things a bit more convenient if you've got both consoles.

You can choose to stream at 540p, 720p, or 1080p, and we recommend using a wired connection for both consoles if possible due to the strain that 1080p streaming is likely to put on your Wi-Fi.

It's an incredibly cool feature and might help to make your life a bit more convenient given the sheer size of the PS5 and how awkward it is to move around.

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