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While Twitter is certainly dominating the gaming social media bubble going into the next generation, Reddit is certainly the place to go for focused, detailed discussions and breaking news on a certain topic.

With Sony now in full marketing mode for the PS5, slated for launch in Holiday 2020, many PlayStation fans are gathering on the r/PS5 subreddit to share all the latest rumours and offer their opinion on the console.

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If you don't want to trawl through the subreddit to find out the latest developments, we're collecting the best and most controversial goings on from r/PS5 down below.

What Does the PS5 Subreddit think of the Xbox Series X?

Contrary to popular belief, not all PlayStation fans want the Xbox Series X to fail.

A post by u/haikallp entitled 'As a PS fan, I really want the Xbox consoles to succeed' gained over 2.3k upvotes.

"It's fine to be a fan or prefer the PS over the Xbox, and vice versa," they explained, "but people need to understand that competition is good for consumers."

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"Competition means we get consoles at attractive prices, better value, more innovation, and our voices will be more heard."

The top-rated comment in this discussion came from u/wontonbeef, who highlighted that without the Xbox or any competition, Sony would have no incentive to innovate or be pro-consumer.

"Just look at EA and the Madden series," they stated, "they have no competition so it allows them to be lazy and make the same game every year."

Clearly, while we all hype up the 'console war' as this tribal battle between two sets of fans, there is less animosity than many expect.

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Does the PS5 Subreddit have concerns about the PS5?

No matter the product, nothing will ever be perfect. Even though many active users on r/PS5 will likely be PlayStation superfans, this doesn't obscure Sony or the console from any criticism.

One of the most upvoted posts from the last week came from u/Loldimorti in which they expressed their concern over the PS5 underutilising its new features similar to how the PS4 did.

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"In my opinion, Sony has a bad habit of abandoning perfectly fine features," they explained. "The touchpad on PS4 was quickly forgotten about even by Sony's first-party studios."

Of course, some games including The Last of Us 2and Days Gone have been creative with their use of the touchpad, but it has widely been underutilised by many developers.

Hopefully, some of the PS5s new features, including the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller, will be better used.

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r/PS5 on the PS5's games

After the PS5 reveal event showed off plenty of new games for the PS5, a post by u/SinisterEllis attracted a lot of attention and praise for highlighting that the PS5 already looks like it will have a better launch than the PS5.

"Remember what we had to be excited for with PS4?" they began, "Knack, Killzone and Drive Club, with a load of cross-generation stuff thrown in."

"Compare that to what we already know about the PS5. A new Ratchet and Clank game, which is arguably Sonys biggest family-friendly IP. A sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the most beloved exclusives of the current generation. A continuation of the critically acclaimedSpider-Man game from Insomniac, and while not a full-blown sequel it still looks promising. "

Spider Man Miles Morales PS5 game trailer release date
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"There are a plethora of great indie titles coming like Kena, Little Devil Inside, Oddworld and Stray, as well as two timed-exclusive Bethesda games from Tango Game Works and Arcane," the user continued. " Not to mention that if you buy the current-gen version you get the next-gen version for free."

Plenty of Redditors agreed with the post, which garnered a total of over 8,800 upvotes at the time of writing.

The comment section overwhelmingly agreed that the potential of the PS5 outshines that of its predecessor.

"The most impressive thing about the PS4 was higher resolution. Everything was clearer," stated u/passingthroughit, "But the PS5, with its no loading times and higher resolution, removes of all sorts of issues that developers had to work around."

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