PS5 customisation teased: Which colours, skins and decal will be available? The fan designs look awesome!

Initial design reveals are an odd time for consoles. We know that that's the model that the company has decided to show off, but it's rarely the only model out there.

Plus, with special editions, customisation, and even just things like stickers, the options are often far greater than they initially seem.

The PS5 was revealed last month, and despite a very striking design, it's not what everyone was hoping for. For those that like the design itself, but not the colour scheme, how can they be happy?

Well, it's quite possible that the console is customisable, or at least will have different versions released.

What are the "surprising features"?

On the PlayStation Blog on June 12th, Eric Lempel, the head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience at PlayStation, talked a bit about his first time seeing the console in Tokyo.

"I thought I was going to a design meeting. And I got to this floor, and… there were a few doors you had to get through… you finally end up in this mini vault, a walk-in vault type of thing. There are these nice lights up above shining down. And there it was. Everything you saw today… PlayStation 5 was there, both units. The whole line of peripherals."

That's cool and all, but the best bit was this "When you see this thing in person, there are a lot of nice, surprising features… it’s gorgeous, it’s just a marvel."

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Will the PS5 be customisable?

It's quite possible that this is a hint at something like removable faceplates. It's not completely unfeasible given the popped collar look of the PS5.

Push Square has also reported that Matt MacLaurin, the VP of UX Design, has said that we'll "definitely be seeing some special editions" and that "[The PS5] is also customisable in ways previous gens weren't."

That could well be another hint to removable faceplates, something which allows for a huge amount of customisation without having to buy a new console, which would be very nice indeed. Of course, you could also just take a look at this mock up by a fan:

Eric Lempel, PlayStation's Head of Global Marketing, has somewhat tempered our expectations of a customisable PS5 at launch.

In an interview with Geoff Keighley after his hands-on event with the DualSense, Lempel stated that "right now, it's a hard enough job to get the unit we showed out so, we'll talk about it at some point" when asked about different variants of the PS5.

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Will we get a Special Edition PS5?

While this looks like it may just be a mock-up ahead of The Last of Us 2's launch, the official Facebook page for the game shared an image of a custom TLOU2 PS5.

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The PS5 features Ellie's iconic fern tattoo embossed on the side of the console and the Fireflies logo on the front.

This gives us a good idea of what a Special Edition PlayStation 5 could look like. Hopefully, we get a chance to pick up this console in the future!

Will the PS5 have RGB lighting?

If you're familiar with PC gaming, you'll know that RGB lighting is the craze right now, especially with keyboards and cases.

A Reddit user named u/stuffx87 created a mock-up of a black PS5 complete with RGB lighting, and it looks insane!

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Image courtesy of u/stuffx87

However, it doesn't look like RGB lighting will be a feature on the PS5, as we can already see a faint blue glow on the white casing on the console. This suggests the PS5's lighting will remain similar to the PS4's, with a blue strip indicating the console is on.

TrulyExquisite's Gold PS5

As companies gear up to start selling custom PS5's, this gold PS5 from TrulyExquisite, who describe themselves as "the UK's Premier Luxury Customisation Brand" has definitely stood out to us!

Their custom PS5's will be available in 24k Gold, Platinum and 18k Rose Gold.

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On their PS5 page, which you can visit here, TrulyExqusite adds that they "cannot wait to start custom making these true beauties" suggesting they will only start making the products after the PS5 launches later this year.

We don't yet know the price, but a gold plated iPhone X will set you back £2,950 compared to the standard iPhone X, which costs £629 from the Apple Store. From this, if the PS5 costs £450, the 24k gold PS5 would cost £2,110, although it would probably be more since it has a much larger surface area.

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