PS5 reveal: system architecture and specs announced today

Not much is known about the PlayStation 5 yet.

While Mircosoft has dropped design, specs, and hardware information about their Xbox Series X, Sony has kept quiet about their next-gen console.

We knew that Sony wasn't planning on attending E3 this year, even before the iconic expo was cancelled, and the air of mystery has only heightened the anticipation.

Now it sounds like we will finally be getting some firm information!

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PS5 system architecture will be revealed

A mysterious tweet today from PlayStation Europe told us that information about the system architecture and the impact it will have on gaming is coming later today...

Their blog will be available at 4pm GMT / 5pm CET today.

What will the PS5 specs entail?

We already know about the 12 teraflops in the new Xbox, and just yesterday Microsoft announced features like quick resume and info about their new controller. So what have Sony got in store?

The line about the “future of gaming” certainly suggests it will be focused on the hardware side of things. Sony have been tight-lipped about the specs for the new PS5 with the community hunting down any leak or rumour for info.

A splashy reveal about what will be inside the new PS5 and how it will affect your gaming experience would certainly shift the balance of power in the console war!

With the Xbox Series X already looking like a serious rival to the powerful world of gaming PCs, the pressure is on Sony to come up with something good.

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