PS5 colour: Will the PlayStation 5 console only be available in white and black, or will there be other PS5 colours like we’ve seen with the plain black DualSense controller?

Will the newly revealed white and black PS5 console be the only colour option on the market at launch?

by Jason Coles

With the reveal of the PS5 console design, Sony has introduced us to the first launch-day console in the history of PlayStation consoles that is predominantly white.

This follows the initial reveal of PS5 DualSense controller – a rather odd-looking white and black almost chunky thing to hold in our hands.

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The PS5 controller is both incredibly familiar and also very different when compared to the DualShock 4, and you could say the same for the console – it has left us with a few questions.

Primarily, we’re wondering if the white and black PS5 from the reveal event is the only version of the console that we’ll be able to buy at launch…


Will the PS5 design be white only?

The original PS4 was black; it was sleek, it was svelte, it was stunning. Would the team at Sony break away from that to make a white PS5 design – as the only launch day option – a reality?

It wouldn’t be totally unheard of: after all, some of us bought a PS4 when Destiny came out, and that version of the PS4 was white. And back in the day, the PS1 was an iconic shade of light-ish grey.

It could well be that the mostly-white PS5 is the only PS5 you can buy at launch. Normally a controller matches the console it’s paired with, which would mean a monochromatic design in the console as well as the DualSense.

This could lead to some funky-looking PS5 consoles out in the wild, but there are probably other reasons why Sony would want to lead with this style of design.

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Could the PS5 have Custom Faceplates?

There are loads of options for customizing consoles nowadays, with some retailers dedicated to creating some truly fantastic and unique skins.

One feature introduced to the PS4 were custom faceplates, which allowed you to customize your PS4 in just 5 seconds (according to the ad!)

It’s not yet known if we could see this with PS5. We’re also not sure if it would be as straight forward to just click off a panel on the next-gen console, as it appears to be on PS4.

But it certainly would be an awesome addition!

Sony PS4 colour faceplate
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How will the PS5 design stand out?

The main aim is standing out. In a world of electronics and gadgets, a lot of them go for black as a way of looking cleaner.

It’s far easier to ignore the fingerprints your toddler left on your shiny new console if the console is pitch black.

Of course, that assumes that the fingerprints aren’t porridge, but that’s not the point. The main competition for Sony is Microsoft, and Microsoft has already shown that the Xbox Series X will be a black obelisk of a machine.

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Are we heading back to that lighter colour pallet?

Given that Sony wants to make a splash here, they want to be a little rebellious, and releasing the first wave of PS5 consoles in white would be very striking indeed.

Few TV stands are white, which would make the PS5 this alluring oddity sitting at the centre of your entertainment hub, just calling out and waiting to be played.

It makes far more sense for them to lean into this aesthetic and just own it, rather than having the DualSense contrast with the console itself. Who knows, though? Sony staff, probably. The rest of us will just have to wait and see…

The mostly-white console that Sony has revealed!


But let’s not forget the black DualSense controller!

Sony has previously Tweeted this image of a plain black DualSense PS5 controller..

PS5 controller black version confirmed

This should be proof enough that Sony hasn’t thrown out ALL of its black paint.

Could this mean that a plain black PS5 is in the pipeline, perhaps as an option for late adopters that don’t buy the white one at launch?

Only time will tell, but we’d say it seems likely that the white-and-black PS5 won’t be the only option… at least not in the long term. Watch this space, folks!

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Will we get a Special Edition PS5?

While this looks like it may just be a mock-up ahead of The Last of Us 2’s launch tomorrow, the official Facebook page for the game shared an image of a custom TLOU2 PS5.


The PS5 features Ellie’s iconic fern tattoo embossed on the side of the console and the Fireflies logo on the front.

This gives us a good idea of what a Special Edition PlayStation 5 could look like. While it is still in the two-tone black and white that the PS5 was first shown off in, it does suggest that those close to Sony are pushing for Special Edition consoles.

Hopefully, we get a chance to pick up this console in the future!

Jason Coles