VIDEO: Watch the PS5 controller's adaptive triggers "fight back" against the player's fingers

Among the slew of new things inside of the PS5 DualSense controller are the adaptive triggers, which sound incredibly fancy - and now we've got an epic video which shows them in action!

The tech inside these adaptive triggers means that the PS5 controller's L2 and R2 buttons can be programmed to stiffen up and offer increased resistance. It's a feature which NBA 2K21 is using in an interesting way.

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And if you want to see these adaptive triggers "fighting back" in a cool new video, you've come to the right place...

PS5 controller video shows the adaptive triggers in action

Check this out! In the video below, you'll get your best look yet at what it actually looks like when the adaptive triggers in the PS5 controller are programmed to challenge the player...

What are the DualSense adaptive triggers?

In the words of Sony themselves, the adaptive triggers, which are within the L2 and R2 buttons, allow you to "truly feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow."

This, along with the haptic feedback, is a way of trying to pull the player further into the game than ever before. To make you feel more.

That's the key thing here remember, the whole idea of the DualSense is to add a sense of touch to gaming, so how things feel is incredibly important.

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The PS5 controller in all its glory.
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The PS5 controller in all its glory.

How will DualSense adaptive triggers change our gameplay?

Imagine you've got a half-deflated balloon in front of you, let's say that's how triggers normally feel to use.

You move your fingers, there's minimal resistance, and then the game reacts by firing an arrow, or shooting a gun, or sucking up a cute slime monster.

Now, imagine you've got a spring in front of you. You squeeze a spring, and it fights back, it doesn't want to be squished, and that's what gives it it's power.

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An improvement on the DualShock 4?
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An improvement on the DualShock 4?

Adaptive triggers essentially allow the R2 and L2 buttons to mimic these feelings.

Say you're trying to fire a gun, but it's completely jammed, the trigger might feel incredibly hard to move. What if the magazine is empty? Maybe there'll be no resistance at all.

Driving games can certainly benefit from it too. Maybe the triggers become stiffer the faster you're going, or all based on the terrain you're driving on.

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Which next-gen controller do you prefer?
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Which next-gen controller do you prefer?

Imagine you go from the road, where the trigger is easy to use, to a dirt track, where the triggers become more resistant to mimic the tough road conditions.

That's the kind of thing you can expect from the DualSense adaptive triggers, and it should make games feel better than they've ever felt.

Especially when combined with the haptic feedback. This could be a brave new age of gaming; maybe we'll even see new PSVR controllers!

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