NBA 2K21 report reveals big PS5 upgrades: Here's how the DualSense controller's adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will enhance your gameplay

"Something that always excites us as developers is the introduction of new hardware features that come along with new consoles," says Gameplay Director Mike Wang in a new report about the next-gen upgrades that NBA 2K21 will be getting.

Among other things, the report goes on to talk about the PS5 DualSense controller, and how its much-hyped features such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will impact the PS5 version of NBA 2K21.

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This, of course, follows on from the news that NBA 2K21's PS5 and Xbox Series X editions will cost more than the current-gen PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. With that in mind, the contents of this report are sure to be of interest to fans.

You can keep reading to learn what 2K had to say about the "PS5 Trigger Effect", as the report's dedicated section dubs it...

PS5 Trigger Effect - what it means for NBA 2K21

The final section of 2K's report is titled 'PS5 trigger effect', and it reads like so: "When we first heard about the PlayStation 5’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, we immediately began brainstorming ways to use them to enhance the gameplay experience. As soon as we got our hands on the dev kits, our lead engineer experimented with several different prototypes to figure out what made the most sense for a basketball game.

"For the adaptive triggers, we opted to use them to convey energy/fatigue. As you move around the court, you’ll feel more and more resistance on the Sprint trigger as your player’s energy drains. We also use adaptive resistance in the post game. Strong post players will feel very little resistance on L2 when backing down weaker opponents, but you’ll have to use more force to pull L2 when it’s the other way around. It’s very interesting to play with and helps immerse you into the experience of actually being on the basketball court!

"As for haptic feedback, we used it to accentuate our various collision systems. Boxouts, body-up rides, off-ball collisions/deny/rides… basically any situation where players make significant contact will vibrate the controller at various intensities depending on the strength of the players involved and the severity of the impact. It’s so dope to feel the difference in your hands between a grazing bump and hard hit. It’s also a great reinforcement tool to understand when you’re making players work too hard on the court, which could hit their energy/stamina levels and potentially cause wear-and-tear on their bodies with our in-depth injury system."

The PS5's adaptive triggers are a huge upgrade on the DualShock 4 - developers can now add as much or as little resistance as they want.
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The PS5's adaptive triggers are a huge upgrade on the DualShock 4 - developers can now add as much or as little resistance as they want.
PS5 haptics gives it a big advantage over Xbox Series X — the creator  behind the tech explains | Laptop Mag
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More than just your standard rumble, the haptic feedback in the DualSense will reach new levels of vibration with a lot more variety than you've experienced before.
PS5 controller easter egg reveals hidden detail on the underside grip of the DualSense controller did you spot the X Circle Square and Triangle symbols
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There's style as well as substance: the underside of the PS5 controller is decorated with the iconic X, Circle, Square and Triangle.
NBA 2K21 price more expensive on next gen ps5 xbox series x ps4 xbox one games cost more prices difference
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The big question is this, though: will NBA 2K21 fans eventually come to accept 2K's decision to make the next-gen versions of the game more expensive?

What other next-gen upgrades are coming to NBA 2K21?

As our sports-obsessed chums at RealSport101 have explained in an insightful article, things like player collision, movements, and interaction are at the heart of NBA 2K21's next-gen improvements.

As RealSport101 added in a follow-up article, all of these next-gen upgrades add up to create the sense that NBA 2K21 will be the most realistic NBA sim to date - which is exactly what you'd hope for from a generational jump such as this, especially when it comes with a higher price-tag.

But still, it'll be interesting to see how gamers react when they're able to properly compare the current-gen and next-gen version of the game. Will it be a slam-dunk for 2K? Only time will tell!

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