PS Plus games: Do you get to keep PS Plus games after you cancel your subscription?

If you've just bought a new PlayStation 4 for recent games like The Last of Us 2, you might be now wanting to expand your library of PS4 games.

With Ghost of Tsushima just under a month away, if you don't want to spend any more money before purchasing Sucker Punch's new title, you can get some amazing AAA games for free through PS Plus.

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However, if you don't want to renew your PS Plus subscription, especially as it's not getting closer to the next-gen of consoles, you may be wondering if you can keep your PS Plus games even after your subscription expires.

Read on to find out if you can keep these free games for your PS4...

Can I keep my PS Plus games?

Unfortunately, once your PS Plus subscription ends, any games you downloaded for free from the service will become unavailable.

However, if you decide to resubscribe to PS Plus, access to the games you downloaded will be restored. There is no time limit on resubscribing, either.

PlayStation has clarified that any content, including avatars, add-ons, and full games, that you purchased at a discount granted by PS Plus will still be accessible even after your subscription ends.

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Should I keep subscribing to PS Plus?

There are some fantastic games currently available on PS Plus, with Star Wars: Battlefront II leading the way for June. While this game may have launched to some controversy surrounding lootboxes and pay-to-win mechanics, DICE has really turned the game around. It is now a solid multiplayer title with an active and passionate community, too.

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Battlefront II's Capital Supremacy and Galatic Assault modes really turned the game around.

Looking ahead to the future, I'd recommend keeping your PS Plus subscription up until the launch of the PS5.

As we get closer to the next-gen, Sony will want to do everything they can to keep people close to the PlayStation brand, and this will include boosting the appeal of PS Plus.

This means we'll probably get some amazing AAA games coming to PS Plus soon, and you won't want to miss out.

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