OPINION: Smart Delivery could be BAD NEWS for Microsoft's Xbox Series X sales

Microsoft is doing a different kind of business to the one we're all used to. They're definitely still making plenty of money, but they're not doing it in a way that is recognisable when you look at other companies.

They seem to be genuinely more focussed on the consumer, and with services like Game Pass, and schemes like Smart Delivery, it's all a little too good to be true.

It's all good and well, but what if these ideas don't work, will they be scrapped? Is what's good for us good for Microsoft?

Is Smart Delivery going to cost the company a lot of money?

Why Smart Delivery is bad for business

Smart Delivery promises that if you buy a game from Microsoft that is on multiple platforms, you'll get access to all of them, and if you'll always play the best version of it for the platform you're on.

This is excellent news for people who don't want to upgrade straight away, or who simply like owning their favourite games on newer consoles where possible.

However, a lot of us do buy games again, you only have to look at Skyrim to realise how much money there is to be made when reselling a game on a different console.

Microsoft will undoubtedly lose a lot of money because of this, and that's bad for the bottom line.

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Why that does not matter

However, it's important to note that business is changing. Sure, the main goal of any business is the bottom line, but we're seeing a surge of more grassroots entities.

Sites like itch.io often allow you to pay the price you can afford when supporting a developer. It's a change in the way things are done.

Microsoft is still a goliath of a company, but these policies, the ones that make them seem a bit more caring, will probably help their image in the long run. Sometimes not just being a soulless business can generate good will.

Not everyone can afford games at the price they are, not everyone can afford gaming at all. It's a luxury. Any kind of ideas that help make it a more affordable luxury are sure to help more people enjoy this wonderful hobby. So, while they might not make more money up front, maybe they're actually just thinking about people instead.

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