NVIDIA buys ARM: what could this mean for the future of gaming?

Business deals happen all the time. Nearly every day plenty of acquisitions take place behind the scenes, but it's not every day that something happens like this.

Now, business acquisitions are a weird thing to talk about, because they don't always amount to anything meaningfully different unless you're one of the stockholders, however, when NVIDIA pick up a new chipmaker, it's worth talking about.

Well, that's exactly what's happened, and that's why we're going to talk about it.

So, here's why you should care about this business deal.

NVIDIA has bought ARM

NVIDIA, best known as being the company that has just announced the fantastic new RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090, has spent a cool $40 billion to pick up ARM.

ARM is a UK company that makes computer chips. They were bought back in 2016 by SoftBank for $31 billion, and NVIDIA has now picked them up from SoftBank.

This means that NVIDIA now have the ability to make their own chips, and that could well change what they can do going forwards.

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Why is this a big deal

It's important to note that NVIDIA doesn't appear to be doing this to cut out any existing deals that ARM has. They've stated that they'll keep ARM completely neutral for a bit and that they'll not be moving the headquarters for the company.

They've also said that they'll be investing in an AI research centre where ARM is based too. This seems to indicate that NVIDIA believes that AI computing is going to be the next step, and that they think that ARM is the best group to do that.

This acquisition just allows NVIDIA to branch out into other fields, and gives them the potential to integrate technology better, and potentially improve the way their own tech works.

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