Nintendo Switch trade-in: How much can you get for trading in a Switch console?

With the PS5 and the Xbox Series X and Series S on the way, you might be wondering about how you're going to afford it.

A lot of people will be looking at their current consoles and figuring out if they love them more than they're going to love the next-gen.

For a lot of people, that console may well be the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps the lack of travel in your life means you're not really using it.

Well, here's what you need to know about trading in your Nintendo Switch.

Where can you trade in your Nintendo Switch?

As ever, the two places you can trade your console in the UK are GAME and CEX.

You're best off going in to try and do this, but you can always try and do it online if they're taking consoles at the time.

Obviously, make sure you do any in-person trade-ins with all of the appropriate safety measures. Maybe just do it online.

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Is it worth it to trade in your Nintendo Switch?

The price you can get varies greatly depending on whether or not it's a Nintendo Switch Lite or a normal model, whether it's a special edition or not, and the condition.

Along with that, the prices vary pretty wildly depending on where you're doing the trade-in too. At GAME, you're looking at somewhere around £140 in cash, or £170 in credit.

CEX is a fair bit better, offering £180 Cash and £220 in credit instead. Now, the key thing here is that CEX is less likely to have the latest tech.

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Should you trade in your Nintendo Switch?

Whether or not you decide to do this is dependant entirely on whether or not you're still going to use your Switch.

The chances are that if it's been sat gathering dust for the last few months then you should probably just get something else.

However, if you've been using it a lot, or you know you will when you start travelling more or if you're waiting for a specific game, that you should keep it.

If you're contemplating trading in a PS4 or Xbox One instead, then we've got you covered there too.

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