Modern Warfare 2 stuck on "Fetching account data from platform" screen fix

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Modern Warfare 2 stuck on "Fetching account data from platform" screen fix
Credit: Activision

If you are stuck on the "Fetching account data from platform" screen in Modern Warfare 2, we can help!

Modern Warfare 2 is out now and it seems many players are having trouble with it. From players getting a permanent ban for no apparent reason to Modern Warfare 2 crashing frequently on PC, the gaming community has been hit hard.

Also, there have been reports that some people are getting stuck on the "Fetching account data from platform" screen while trying to get in the queue. If you are experiencing the same issue, here are some solutions.

Modern Warfare 2 stuck on the "Fetching account data from platform" screen fix

We saw a lot of MW2 players posting about their encounter with the "Fetching account data from platform" screen on Reddit, and it appears, all the affected people are console gamers. PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One are all plagued by this issue.

We’ve done our best to comb through all of the posts about this issue, and we’ve discovered a couple of fixes that worked for some players. Regardless of the console that you play on, closing and restarting the game seems to clear the problem, according to many users.

If this doesn't work right away, you might have to restart the game several times. This person had to restart 6 times to get in the game queue. So, keep trying and you will also get in the queue eventually.

This Reddit user advises you to not "exit the queue screen just because the clock isn’t counting down. It’ll load you in." Also, keep in mind that when you get the queue message don't hit any buttons. It'll probably tell you it needs to restart; confirm it. Then it'll put you back in the queue.

Why am I stuck on the "Fetching account data from platform" screen?

The developers haven't acknowledged this issue, so we are left to speculate what exactly is the cause of the issue. We believe the sheer amount of players trying to access the game servers is the culprit here.

At the time of writing, Modern Warfare 2 is in the 6th position of the top 100 most-played games on Steam, with over 110,000 players online. It is worth reminding you that MW2 is available through as well, which means that the game server load is pretty high.


Connection issues like the Puget-Altus error and the stuck connecting to data centre error are also caused by the same thing. Waiting for the traffic to clear up or trying, again and again, will usually fix these issues.

If the error message persists, contacting Activision Support is your only option.

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