Is Metro Awakening on PC?

A Metro Awakening character using a lighter

A Metro Awakening character using a lighter

Is Metro Awakening on PC? After a long hiatus, Metro 2033 series fans can finally rejoice. During the State of Play 2024 showcase, N4A games have finally confirmed a new spinoff named Metro Awakening - a virtual reality game.

The game's main plot will follow the story of Serdara who is a doctor navigating the contaminated and horrific tunnels of Moscow searching for his missing wife. The plot stage is set as a 2028 timeline meaning it is serving kind a prequel to Metro 2033. Given the hype surrounding it is obvious every gaming nerd wants to experience the game leading to one such question: Can PC users play Metro Awakening? Let us find out.

Is Metro Awakening on PC?

There can be two possible answers depending on what you are actually seeking. If you expect to play Metro Awakening with the help of a traditional keyboard, mouse, and monitor, I'm sorry to break your heart; there is no such option on the table right now. Currently, to play Metro Awakening on PC, you will need to own a VR headset.

On the other side, if you already own a VR headset or planning to get one soon, you are in for a treat.

Though we are still far from the official launch date, the game is already available on Steam and you can add it to your wishlist. Once available, you can play the game via Steam VR support.

Moreover, your PC system requirements will still come into the picture. Therefore, it's better to make it ensure in advance whether your PC is compatible or not. As per the description on Steam, you need to have a 64-bit processor and operating system (specifically Windows 10 minimum).

Apart from PC, Metro Awakening will also be supported by Meta Quest 2, 3, and PSVR2. This implies a move by Vertigo Games underscores their commitment to embracing next-gen VR prospects.

Is Metro Awakening planned for PC?

While VR offers a unique perspective, it's not for everyone. For those who prefer traditional gaming setups or have physical limitations, Metro Awakening on PC provides accessibility and choice. You can still experience the rich narrative, atmospheric world, and refined gameplay without needing specialized VR equipment. So, what about those who want to experience Metro Awakening on PC?

The first thing you should need to know is that Metro Awakening itself is a spinoff of 2010's Metro Series by N4A games- A title that saw tremendous success and faithful fanbase over the decade, that too when VR was in its infancy. Given the fact that Metro Awakening by Vertigo is a completely different project. This simply means the main storyline will be intact and this spinoff can meet its non-VR root mainly depends on how the response the Metro Awakening VR one will get.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see whether Metro Awakening gets a PC release.

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