Is Metro Awakening canon?

metro awakening story cutscene from trailer

metro awakening story cutscene from trailer

Metro Awakening is the latest title for the Metro series of games following Metro Last Light, Metro Redux, and Metro Exodus. The game series is based on the popular book series of the same name, and the latest entry brings the world of Metro to life with Virtual Reality. However, we're still to find out if Metro Awakening's story will be canon.

The story of the previous three Metro titles followed Atryom, a young survivor who grew up in the tunnels under Moscow and fought off threats to ensure the survival of his settlement. These threats included mutants, bandits, and the neo-Nazi Fourth Reich. However, Metro Awakening follows a new protagonist, which has many people questioning if the story is canon.

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Is Metro Awakening canon?

Yes, the story of Metro Awakening is most likely to be canon. However, it is a standalone story and tells the tale of events that took place many years before the events of the original Metro 2033. In this sense, the game will be a prequel that goes back to the origins of the Metro timeline.

The story itself will be written by the author of the Metro books, Dmitry Glukhovsky. Dmitry Glukhovsky will also serve as a story and lore consultant for the game to ensure that the plot remains consistent with the canon story.

metro awakening trailer story cutscene with photos and candles in memorial shrine
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The story follows a doctor named Serdar, who is considered a rationalist and is navigating the dangerous underground of Moscow to help his wife. The story promises to be an emotional rollercoaster that pits your emotions against the rational.

The previous Metro games took many creative liberties, which included tonal shifts and complete changes in settings(going from the underground Metro to the open-world wastelands above). However, with Dmitry Glukhovsky on board, we can expect a story that is distinctly Metro in style and stays true to the original vision of the author.

Fans can look forward to a brand new story in the world of Metro in Metro Awakening, powered by VR. Dmitry Glukhovsky commented, "It feels like returning to the foundations and roots of the series - now to the level that VR technology can bring.". We're excited to see how the team uses the capabilities of VR and blends them with Dmitry's unique storytelling.

Note that Metro Awakening is different from the next mainline entry in the Metro series, which is still being worked on.

That's all you need to know about the story of Metro Awakening and if it's canon. For those interested, you should learn about the game's release status on Meta Quest 3.

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