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Ready for thrilling first-person adventures? Here's all you need to know about the highly-anticipated Metro Awakening release date, launching platforms, and more.

With its gripping storyline and multi-platform release, Vertigo Games and Deep Silver have joined forces to create a story-driven game packed with plenty of thrills.

As a new addition to the Metro games franchise, fans are excited to know what's in store. In this guide, we'll discuss everything we know about the Metro Awakening release date, storyline, and VR gameplay features. Let's check them out.

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Metro Awakening Release Date

Metro Awakening release date and platforms

Metro Awakening is set to release on PC in 2024. According to Deep Silver, this thrilling game is created exclusively for an immersive VR experience and will also launch on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and Steam VR. However, this game isn't a VR exclusive for PS5.

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Metro Awakening Story

Metro Awakening story explained

The game's premise also takes place five years before Metro 2033 and follows a brand new story and direction by the renowned author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

In this game, you'll experience a post-apocalyptic underground Metro system setting- full of spine-chilling and tense moments surrounding the protagonist, Serder.

The game takes place in 2028, with you filling in the shoes of Serder, a brave doctor in search of his missing wife within the deep recesses of the tunnels in the post-apocalyptic settings of Moscow. The tunnels will push the limits of your sanity as you claw your way through radiation and supernatural forces hiding deep within the Moscow Metro's man-made purgatory.

The subways within the Moscow Metro are home to the nuclear Armageddon survivors, as well as spirits and haunting beings that make living hell. Here, courage and sanity will help you survive the very elements within the tunnels that test your very psychological strength.

But be careful, as the moment you lose control, you might find yourself existing on the very fine line between life, death, and purgatory.

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Metro Awakening Gameplay Features

Metro Awakening features

What makes the Metro Awakening most spine-chilling is the immersive VR experience. Delve deep into the mind-bending horrors of the Moscow subway system, and prepare your reaction timings to be flawless to survive the horrors persisting below.

The terrors within the tunnels are not limited to ghosts and spirits, as this post-apocalyptic world underground harbours more menacing beings to test your survival instincts.

In this game, you can take up any of your hand-made weapons from the arsenal, recharge them and your torch, and change their filters to be ready at all times. And remember, your mask is what keeps you alive in these radiation-riddled conduits. Get ready to push your rationality beyond its humane limits.

According to the developers, there is more news in store for this first-person horror VR game. So stay tuned, and prepare yourself for a post-apocalyptic world of horrors and supernatural.

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