LEGO NES hack turns it into a proper emulator: Watch the awesome video here

LEGO is great. Sure, it's a little pricey, but you can always guarantee the quality, not to mention the fact that Duplo is excellent for helping kids improve their dexterity and can even help them learn colours, numbers, and letters.

It's just a shame that you can't play games on LEGO, you know? Normal play is one thing, but digital play is just so much more interesting, so much more advanced.

Imagine a world where the LEGO NES could be used to actually play games, what a world that would be.

If only there was some kind genius out there who had found a way to turn a pile of LEGO into a working console. If only…

One Redditor turns a LEGO NES into a real console

Well, as reported on by ScreenRant, Reddit user i_is_snoo posted a video of them basically doing just that.

It's a pretty cool thing to watch, and having a LEGO frame around one of the most classic of classic consoles is, well, pretty classy.

They go into a little bit of the details regarding how it's done, but for the most part, this is the kind of thing that only they alone will understand.

Well, that and everyone interested in ROMs and whatnot.

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Where can you get a LEGO NES?

If you want to do this yourself, well, you'll need a lot of component parts -but a good place to start would be picking up the LEGO NES itself!

The LEGO NES can be found on the LEGO UK website, at this link, for £209.99 GBP. That's $229.99 USD in the States, and you can view the US product page from here.

If you're wanting to order the NES, we'd recommend some haste. After all, Nintendo-related products have a habit of selling out fast!

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